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Recent Shilansky records RELEASED! - June 25, 2018

I have been remiss in reminding you that 2018 has seen the release of at least a couple new recordings featuring those of us here at Shilansongs. My brother Neil Shilansky's long-awaited "Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint" became available in late-December 2017, and features 11 of Neil's eclectic, groovy compositions, ranging from Latin-Jazz to Instrumental Rock, with guitar contributions from Marty Walsh and Eric Byers, Trumpet and Synth by Taylor Haskins, a whole bevy of woodwinds by Jared Sims, low-end contributions from Danny Morris, Tim Webb, and Fernando Huergo, and many many more.
Also, I am on a project for Jazz Quartet and String Trio by reedist Dan Moretti, called "Invoke," featuring Dan on saxes and flute, Jesse Williams on bass, and Steve Langone on drums. It's here on this website if you can read Italian.
or you can check it out at these links:
Album on You tube
You tube of Live Performance
Digital Press Release
Also, this music is enjoyable by visiting the Youtubes, or Spotify, and even Apple Music and Itunes. Check it out, listen, and perhaps support the artists even more by downloading or purchasing a physical copy.

I'm down with NEFA! - May 24, 2018

Hey all, I was just informed I could use the following text on my website:

Fee support for Mark Shilansky may be available to nonprofit organizations through the New England States Touring (NEST) program of the New England Foundation for the Arts. Visit for more information.

That means if you've been dying to hire Mark Shilansky to do a clinic or a concert or just hang out and bother your students or patrons, you can apply for partial funding to hire me (I'm not sure if they pay in sushi or buffalo wings yet but I can ask). This is great, because some schools want to hire people with my particular set of skills (Neeson, Liam, "Taken.") but are prohibited by finances. So, check out the website and search for my name (and other excellent people like David Thorne Scott) and let me come and entertain or educate you!

Here and Now - February 15, 2015

Hey Shilanskarians!  The wonderful radio show/podcast host and singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist Julie Lavender has featured Fugue Mill on an episode of NPR's "Here and Now!"  We got a little "NPR bump" in terms of sales and web hits.  Click here to hear the segment.

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