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Brockton, MA (AP) - According to witnesses, the keyboardist of a local wedding band went berserk last night, severely beating several groomsmen and setting the remnants of the wedding cake on fire. The reception had been a jubilant one, with hours of dancing (to several requests that the band had learned for the occasion). Caterer Ellen Yummysnacks witnessed the attack, and had this to say: "The evening basically went off without a hitch, until the band finished its final song, several minutes AFTER its contracted end time. Then the crowd inexplicably began chanting 'ONE MORE SONG'. I saw the keyboardist's eyes glaze over, and then he begin to laugh uncontrollably, and then had one of those episodes not unlike when a mother has a burst of adrenal strength and lifts a burning car off of her baby. He began to pummel the much larger and stronger men of the wedding party, all the while singing strange melodies that the bandleader later told me was Ornette Coleman's solo from the song "The Shape [...]
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Whither Criticism, Part I

Posted on June 9, 2013 with 0 comments

I want to sound off in a somewhat definitive way, for me, about Arts Criticism.Much of it has been said before, but maybe not in quite this way.I'm a passionate fan of Music and Movies and TV and Books, and I become enraged when an artist whom I admire is denigrated in a dismissive, usually under-informed or mis-informed way.

There is definitely a place for Arts Criticism in the World.  Now, more than ever, we have access to more Art than ever before, via the internet, via more TV channels than ever, via self-publishing.  Certainly criticism can be helpful to help direct us to what Art would most interest us.  We also now have more critics [...]
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Last week I had a gig at Ryles Jazz Club with my new band.  I was feeling a little absurd, as the audience turnout was comically low one, and I was calculating the amount of money I was losing on this evening, even as the gig progressed.Anyway, to indulge the absurd inner monologue playing in my head, I did about 10 minutes of comedy as I introduced the band, and proceeded to good-naturedly rib the people who shared the stage with me, and continued this activity throughout the night.  I do this on most of my gigs where I'm handed the microphone, but that's another story.  As I introduced our drummer, I pointed out that he'd never hired me for one of his own gigs as a leader, which got a pretty huge laugh.  A couple days later, said drummer updated his Facebook status to indicate that this had bothered him, that he wasn't sure whether to feel guilty or pissed that I had pointed this out on the mike, in front of an audience.  In the [...]
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Welcome and whassup!

Posted on January 17, 2011 with 2 comments
Hi everyone.  Welcome to the online world of Mark Shilansky.
I've blogged a bit in the past on myspace, somewhat memorably actually if you wanna check out posts from a couple years ago (, but we all know what has happened to myspace.  Lots of ads, slow to load, not really where the music industry or social networking hang out these days, although I still have the profile up as a place to store some excerpts from my CDs.
So, I have my own website again, self-designed with the templates at hostbaby, which as you probably know is a sister company of CDbaby.  Check these guys out, if you have a second.  They really are an invaluable resource for getting indie music out there, and their helpful hints via blog and podcast have motivated me to get MY promotional butt in gear as well.
This year you'll see a lot more content from me, from the newly launched and almost-immediately successful "Mark Shilansky Talking Music Podcast", wherein I [...]
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