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Mark Shilansky: Links

Mark Shilansky's Myspace page

Yes.  I still have a myspace page.  You can hear songs from some of my CDs, "Different Songs," "Other Voices" and "Join the Club."  Also, there is a list of some of the CD projects I've played on, and artists with whom I've worked.

Berklee College of Music
University of New Hampshire Music Department


Neil Shilansky

My younger Brother (by two years).  A great drummer, vibraphonist, keyboardist, composer, band director, teacher, husband, and Dad.  

Taylor Haskins
Trumpet Player/Composer of original jazz and music for TV and Film; one of my oldest friends; sometimes plays in my band, more often in his own great projects; often heard with Richard Bona, Dave Holland Big Band, and Guillermo Klein.
Dave Jamrog

A frequent collaborator, Dave is a wonderful drummer and teacher and now recording engineer (code name: Snappytracks).


Syncopation are Aubrey Johnson - soprano, Christine Fawson - alto voice (and trumpet), David Thorne Scott - tenor, Tsunenori "Lee" Abe - bass vocal, arrangements.  They are a wonderful vocal jazz group in the tradition of the Manhattan Transfer, New York Voices, etc.  They are great musicians and super-people, and I have recorded with them and travelled all around the USA and the world with them.

Debbie Gruber and Easy Piano Styles

Debbie is a great friend, fellow teacher and performer.  She has a lot of fun educational things to check out at this site, from her innovative piano instruction method book, to her workshops, to her cool podcast interview series (she got some REALLY cool guests, too).

David Thorne Scott