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Different Songs - CD

Other Voices - CD

Long form original Shilansky compositions (and one Jim Pisano tune) informed by Jazz and Latin music, all featuring the voice or combinations of voices in unique ways.  

Personnel: Mark Shilansky - piano/keys/voice, Alec Berlin - Guitar, Abby Aronson Zocher - Acoustic Guitar, Thomson Kneeland, Ben Street - Acoustic Bass, Fernando Huergo - Electric Bass, Bertram Lehmann - drums, percussion, Jeff Hirschfield, Larry Love - drums, Rick DiMuzio, Andrew Rathbun - tenor saxophone, Mike Kolodny - alto saxophone, Jim Pisano - saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, Kaye Kelly, Sharon Broadley-Martin, Bob Martin, Paul Stiller, Lauren Wool - voice, Luciana Souza, Lisa Thorson, Laura Pierce - featured vocalists

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Join the Club - CD

Particles of Change - Download from CDbaby Here

Adrian Sicam and Mark Shilansky's 2003 EP "Particles of Change" is finally available from CDbaby in this download-only release.

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Run to Me - Download

Enjoy our cover of the Bee Gees' "Run to Me!" Mark Shilansky - piano, voice, Adrian Sicam - voice, Eric Byers - Nylon String Guitar, voice, Keala Kaumeheiwa - bass, Jordan Perlson - drumset, shaker, frame drum, Bronwen - cello. Video shot by all the players, plus Linnea. Video Edited by Mike Maurice. Music recorded and mixed by Huck Bennert. 

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Rushin Right In - Download

Adrian Sicam - voice/piano; Mark Shilansky - voice, organ, horn arrangement; Eric Byers - guitar,  Keala Kaumeheiwa - bass, Jordan Perlson - drums, percussion; Christine Fawson - trumpet, ukelele, voice.  Music and Lyrics: Adrian Sicam, Kemp Harris, Paul Hourihan.  Produced by Shilansky/Sicam. Recorded and Mixed by Huck Bennert.  Video editing by Mike Maurice.

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Ordinary World - download

Enjoy our cover of Duran Duran's "Ordinary World," featuring David Thorne Scott, Sara Caswell, Eric Byers, Fernando Huergo, and Jordan Perlson.

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