Welcome and whassup!

Hi everyone.  Welcome to the online world of Mark Shilansky.

I've blogged a bit in the past on myspace, somewhat memorably actually if you wanna check out posts from a couple years ago (http://www.myspace.com/markshilansky), but we all know what has happened to myspace.  Lots of ads, slow to load, not really where the music industry or social networking hang out these days, although I still have the profile up as a place to store some excerpts from my CDs.

So, I have my own website again, self-designed with the templates at hostbaby, which as you probably know is a sister company of CDbaby.  Check these guys out, if you have a second.  They really are an invaluable resource for getting indie music out there, and their helpful hints via blog and podcast have motivated me to get MY promotional butt in gear as well.

This year you'll see a lot more content from me, from the newly launched and almost-immediately successful "Mark Shilansky Talking Music Podcast", wherein I discuss music with my friends and colleagues (and which you can download from a page on THIS site, as well as subscribe or download in itunes), to new music from Adrian Sicam and me ("Particles of Change" available to download from CDbaby or itunes), and soon, some video songs available at my youtube channel (shilantheman).Gotta get back to prepping for my Berklee and UNH teaching and doing a couple more podcast interviews today, but be back soon.